Shih Tzu For Sale, Must Know

When looking for cheap shih tzu puppies for sale. There are certain things which you must take into consideration and we will look at them in the new few lines. Shih Tzu are an amazing breed and make the best companions. Very calm, friendly and also gets along with other pets plus good with toddlers too. The price of shih tzu often varies. In some cases, it might be expensive. However most people often prefer looking for shih tzu pups sold at a low price.

These are the things you must know before buying a shih tzu puppy at a cheap price. So the points we will focus on include, the Price of shih tzu puppies. We’ll highlight you on what to focus on when you are searching for cheap shih tzu for sale. The instances where you can find it, how to buy shih tzu for sale at a low price playing it safe. Then, the pros and cons. Also, cases where instead of a shih tzu for sale you can find one being given away for free. For the next, Choosing the right shih tzu breeder. Things you should be looking for in a breeder when searching for shih tzu puppies for sale. Buying a shih tzu puppy from a local shih tzu breeder and an out of state shih tzu breeder. C

Cheap shih tzu puppies for sale
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Price Of Shih Tzu For Sale

It is very natural that when someone is searching for shih tzu for sale they would most likely go for inexpensive shih tzus. Well of course, everyone wants to save a few extra bucks and keep the cost as low as possible. So, does this mean that just because you want to buy a shih tzu for sale which does not cost so much you should not make sure a few things checks out? Of course not. To add, Does that mean people who are searching for shih tzu for sale which are expensive aren’t being rational and they just have a lot of money to spend? Well the answer is no. On the contrary, they are being really ethical and even far more rational since they know that buying a shih tzu puppy which costs a lot.

Therefore means that, they have to worry very little about the health condition, the condition which the shih tzu pup was raised in and in most cases, high cost is often linked to high quality. However, does this mean that just because you bought a shih tzu puppy costly automatically means that you found the best. Sorry to disappoint you but it is not always the case. Well of course, the chances of you getting thrown under the bus is very low and that is a good thing.

Some People Want The Shih Tzu Puppy Without Any Charge

Further more, you’d be surprised how many people out there who instead of searching for cheap or expensive shih tzu for sale. Want it for free! So, just because you want the puppy for free, does that mean you should not also be on the lookout for certain things? Of course not! We are going to expatiate on these three points. So let us dive right in and by the time your are done reading this post. You will feel so informed and inspired you might want to right a book lol.

Cheap Shih Tzu For Sale

Here, we are going to look at the various cases which you can find cheap shih tzus for sale. The risks involved when buying a shih tzu puppy at a low price. Then, the things you should be watchful for so you can guarantee your safety. Lastly, the pros and the cons. Click here to see our shih tzu for sale available now

Where to find and Inexpensive Shih Tzu For Sale

The very first point we will settle on is discounts. If you are looking for a shih tzu for sale which does not cost so much. One of the best and safest ways to make sure you buy one is at a discount price. Different shih tzu breeders offers discounts for various reasons. Some shih tzu breeders might offer a discount on holidays or festive seasons such as Christmas or thanksgiving. Others, just to build a good reputation or maybe a family and friends discount.

This is mostly common when a friend of yours for instance refers you to their friend or relative and talks on your behalf. Another option is, Maybe someone has a new litter and wants to rehome them. It is just fair that they charge a very low price so they can go fast. Since, the older they get, the more challenging it is to find homes for them.

Shih Tzu For Sale At A Discount

Buying a shih tzu at a discount can be considered one of the safest situations to find a cheap shih tzu. Well although you need to look into why there is a discount. For most shih tzu breeders, if they have taken longer than usual to find a home for the puppy. The best option is to take the price down so they puppy can go fast before it becomes a full grown dog lol. Most people prefer it when a puppy grows with them.

That way, they familiarize themselves with the shih tzu puppy and the puppy does same to. It is never advisable to rehome a full grown shih tzu dog. Except in rare cases where it is a rescue or the previous owner just does not have enough time on their hands anymore and rehoming will actually be the best option. So, the best case where you should rehome a full grown shih tzu dog for sale is if it is a good option for the dog. Contact us to benefit from our ongoing dicount.

Upsides To A Discount

A discount does far more good to a breeder than it does for you. Look at it this way, well you found a shih tzu for sale which was cheap. How does that make you? Happy right what is the next thing you will do. For most people who are active on social media. They will share photos and videos online of their new puppy. So, because you found a shih tzu for sale at a low price. Thanks to the discount. You are happy about it and thankful to the breeder. Most especially, if the discount was due to the festive season such as Christmas or Thanksgiving for instance.

Everyone Is Happy

Not only has the shih tzu breeder made your holiday a joyful and memorable one. They have won your trust. The holidays is a time when families and friends get together. There is a high possibility that at least one of your family or friends will be moved about the fact that you bought a shih tzu puppy. Guess what they’ll ask, which Shih Tzu breeder did you buy your shih tzu puppy from. Assuming they had 6 or 7 in the litter. Out of those 6 or 7 puppies at least 5 will bring referrals. Then, those interested will most likely signup for the waiting list. It is just natural to trust a shih tzu breeder, when you know someone directly who has bought a shih tzu puppy from them. Want to know more about us, click here.

Referral By A Family Or Friend

If a friend or family of your knows a shih tzu breeder who is either a friend or family. It becomes very easy for them to just say a word on your behalf. No only will you be able to find a cheap shih tzu puppy for sale. But, you will be buying from a shih tzu breeder who you can trust. Let’s have a typical example. If you tell your best friend you want to buy a shih tzu puppy. Then, they respond “Oh hey! my uncle is a shih tzu breeder, i’ll talk to him.

He might have a litter ready to go” That’s your best friend, someone you trust well enough to call your best friend. You already know they care about you so won’t refer you to a shih tzu breeder who would not be the best option for you. So, when looking for shih tzu for sale. First ask a few of your close friends or relatives if they know any shih tzu breeders. Very few people do this and you do not want to be among those people.

Someone Wants To Rehome Their New Litter

Although this is often hard to find. It is another good option when searching for Shih Tzu for sale which is not so costly. When you are not a legal and certified breeder. Therefore, making it hard for you to sell your shih tzu puppies at a high price.

So, the best option is to put them up for rehoming and you may charge a small rehoming fee like $300 or $200. For some people, it is slightly higher. This is a very good option for you if you are looking for fairly priced shih tzu for sale. However, when you buy your shih tzu puppy. Make sure you take the puppy to the vet for a checkup. If it is possible, ask for the health records of the puppies or their parents.

It is not very wise to buy a shih tzu for sale and then have to spend a lot of money on health care. Worse than that, find out it has a genetic defect and does not get to live long. You will not only lose money but be emotionally drained since you will obviously get to love the puppy.

Now that you know what to do when looking for an inexpensive shih tzu for sale. Let us look at the pros and cons.


  • Top of the list when you buy an inexpensive shih tzu for sale is you get to save money. Most especially during the holidays such as Christmas. The few extra bucks can be used to buy more gifts.
  • Now, you can help friends and family who are searching for a shih tzu for sale but do not want to spend so much. Since you have gone through the process and know the dos and dons. It becomes easier for you to point them in the right direction.
  • At the tail end you just generally have the good feeling you know. Taking into consideration that you did your research and it helped a great deal.


  • When you buy a cheap shih tzu for sale from someone who is not a breeder. You rarely ever get a health guarantee. This can become really bad if you end up with a sick puppy. You will lose money and be devastated. Having to spend even more for taking the shih tzu puppy to the vet.
  • People offering a shih tzu for sale who are not legal and certified shih tzu breeders have very little to be accountable for. You might be buying a puppy from someone who keeps their shih tzu dog in their back yard. Maybe, the puppies are raised in poor sanitary conditions. There are also some weird people out there you might find on the internet. I’ll advice you to keep your search local and always propose to meet in a public place.
  • Some breeders only offer discounts once a year. For instance, during Christmas. What if you want to buy a shih tzu puppy mid year as a surprise for your kids birthday.
  • When a family or friend refers you to a shih tzu breeder who is their friend or relative. In most cases all they know is they know someone who is a shih tzu puppy breeder. You will then trust them blindly and at the end get thrown under the bus or disappointed. So, when looking for a shih tzu for sale. Regardless of a referal from a friend or family. Make sure you do your personal research and communicate with the breeder.

Expensive Shih Tzu For Sale

Does looking for expensive shih tzus for sale really just want the best. However, there is not a 100% guarantee that when you buy a shih tzu puppy expensive you will be getting the best. Someone may buy a shih tzu puppy for sale cheaper and end up with a healthy shih tzu puppy as compared to you.

Checkout our basic care page for tips on taking care of your shih tzu puppy.

Registered Puppy

To begin with, maybe the puppy has already been registered. You would only have to buy the puppy and worry about taking it home or having it delivered to you. You may however be required to take the puppy to the vet for checkup. Not because the puppy might be sick. But, because for the breeders safety. It is important that you confirm the health records they provided. So, if you do not take proper care of the puppy and it falls sick. Then they will not be held accountable and their reputation won’t be tempered with. You may find it hard to believe but there are so many people out there who want shih tzu breeders to refund their money because of their negligence.

That is just a very sad thing to do. Before you buy a shih tzu puppy make sure you are both financially and emotionally ready to take on the responsibility. It is just cruel looking for a shih tzu for sale when you know you are not fully prepared. Only to take it out on the shih tzu breeder when you realize you can’t handle it anymore. Do not let the shih tzu puppy suffer the consequences of your actions. Perhaps the puppy has been micro chipped. If the shih tzu puppy has already been micro chipped, the shih tzu breeder would want to cover that cost so they’ll increase the price of their puppy.

Breeders Reputation

Another factor which may influence the price is the shih tzu breeders reputation. Some shih tzu breeders have taken years to build a very good reputation. Therefore, so many people would like to buy a shih tzu puppy from them. Since everyone wants to buy their puppies. It is but normal for them to charge a very high price. Keep in mind if the breeder has a good reputation. It is most likely because of how much they invest into raising their puppies. They would not have a good reputation over the years if everyone who bought a puppy from them complained about health problems or genetic defects.

How To Work Your Way Around The High Price On The Shih Tzu For Sale

We are going to share with you a few tips on how to actually work your way around buying a shih tzu puppy expensive. You may be wondering how that is even possible lol. Well it is and it is not rocket science. Most breeders prefer to sell their shih tzu puppies to people who actually deserve to have them.

Tell the breeder about yourself, your home how you intend to care for the puppy. Focus on making sure the breeder knows how happy the puppy will be in your home. Do not make it to seem like a business transaction. Avoid using the word buy. So, instead of saying “I really want to buy this shih tzu puppy” say “I would really love to take this puppy home and raise him as part of my family” or “I just cannot wait to have a new addition to my family, please explain the procedure involved.”

Will This Help With The Price Of The Shih Tzu For Sale?

Imagine you are talking to the shih tzu breeder in this manner and there is someone else saying “I want to buy this puppy” or “What is the price of this puppy” Obviously the breeder will pay more attention to you. Be careful not to share too much information about yourself so it does not become a bore. Most especially irrelevant details. If you do not know exactly what to say here are a few pointers.

  • We have a big back yard where the puppy can play. Also, we have made our home pet friendly so the puppy will fit right in with ease.
  • If you have had experiences with pets in the past tell the breeder. If you even have photos or their vet records. Ask the breeder if they would like to see.
  • Tell the breeder about the vet you use. Let the shih tzu breeder know if they would like to talk to the vet you’ll feel okay sending their contact.

How To Introduce The Price Reduction

If the breeder is asking $1,000 for the shih tzu for sale. It will be rude to just ask “Would you take $500” this will hardly ever work. If you can get just $200 off the $1,000 that is a very big plus. Rather ask the breeder “Would you take anything less than that?”. Also, acknowledge that the price is very worth it. Based on your conversation with the breeder. If you try those few tips and it does not work.

Option A

Ask the breeder if they will be open to a payment plan. Most shih tzu breeders would prefer to create a payment plan for a loving family than take a full down payment from someone they are unsure of.

Option B

If you tried all of that and it does not work. Ask the breeder if you were to send them referrals which convert to sales. They will be willing to let you buy a shih tzu puppy at a reduced price. If they say yes, you can then go to your social media handles and post a few good words about the breeder.

Get in touch with friends and family and friends of friends and ask them if they are looking to buy a shih tzu. Also, do not be selfish! don’t do this solely because you want a cheap shih tzu puppy. But rather because you think the breeder is great and you’ll be doing someone a favor by referring to them. So, even if they accept to give you a price reduction or not. Still share a few nice words about the shih tzu breeder. The good relation might come in handy in the future.

Option C

The last option is to propose a payment plan, but not for the available litter but rather the next. The breeder will be glad to receive a deposit on a litter which is not yet even ready. So, you can actually pay in bits so by the time the shih tzu puppy is ready to go. You must have completed the payment in full.


  • When you buy a shih tzu for sale costly. The chances of you getting a sick puppy or one with defects is extremely low or zero.
  • You might not have to worry about registrations or a microchip.
  • If you successfully create a connection with the breeder. You will be the first the breeder will think of when they have a discount.


  • You may not always buy the puppy at the time you want. Say for instance if it were supposed to be a birthday gift.
  • It is not all shih tzu breeders who selle expensive who raise the puppies rightly. So, You might end up losing money trying to avoid losing money.
  • The competition to buy a shih tzu puppy from reputable breeders is usually high. So it may be really challenging to buy a puppy from them. Since they often have a criteria you must meet up to.

Free Shih Tzu

Some people do not want a shih tzu for sale but rather free shih tzus. Although your options are limited it is very possible. First make a list of your friends and families who are pet lovers. Reach out to them and ask them if they own a shih tzu or know anyone who has a shih tzu puppy.

When you narrow it down. If you are fortunate enough to find friends and family or friends of friends and friends of family who owns a shih tzu dog. Just leave them a friendly text and explain to them why you would like to have a shih tzu puppy.Just because it is free does not mean you would not have to prove yourself. Be sure to tell them about yourself. That is if they are not very familiar with you. Everyone wants to know their puppy will be moving into a loving home.

Online Search

You can also resort to doing a quick search on the internet. However, you will hardly ever find it. Most likely you will run into people trying to rip you off by luring you with a title free shih tzu puppies only to later ask for a rehoming fee. Do not fall for that. If they say it is free it should be free. If you need to pay anything extra it should be mentioned in the description.

The first option is actually the best. The shih tzu is a popular breed so it might take you a month but you will eventually know someone who knows someone who knows someone who owns a shih tzu puppy lol.


  • Well, you get a shih tzu for free, isn’t that a win!
  • Going through the difficult process of finding a free shih tzu will help you value the puppy more when you get it.


  • You won’t always one since there is a high chance a small rehoming fee will be required
  • You will be highly uncertain of the health status of the puppy. If you are willing to take that risk then go for it, Just be sure to keep some money aside to take the puppy for a checkup after you take it home.

Choosing The Right Shih Tzu Breeder

There are so many shih tzu breeders out there. Their breeding program highly determines their price. A reputable breeder for instance has a good reputation. Usually because of the positive feedback from everyone who bought a shih tzu puppy from them. Well of course automatically you would know this is a breeder you can trust. While searching for a shih tzu breeder you must also take into consideration the cost of the shih tzu puppy.

Buying A Shih Tzu Puppy From Us

With us for instance, our puppies usually go for $1,000. We usually have discounts too making it possible for you to buy a shih tzu puppy from us as low as $600. There is also a payment plan we offer which you can make a partial payment of $400 and then pickup your puppy or have the puppy shipped out to you you. After you receive the puppy you will then be given a 4 to 5 weeks duration to complete the rest of the payment.

Should You Look for a Local Shih Tzu Breeder or An Out of State Shih Tzu Breeder

Let us analyze the two options. You are either focusing on finding a local breeder, out of state breeder or both. Both has its up and downsides. So, let’s dive right in.

Local Shih Tzu Breeder

When you limit your search to a local breeder, it makes it very easy for you to have access to them. You can easily check out where the puppies are raised. That way you can be sure of the sanitary condition. This however limits you and makes it harder to find a shih tzu puppy since your search radius is too small. Also, it is not all the time the local breeder would be your best option to go for when searching for a shih tzu for sale.

Out Of State Shih Tzu Breeder

On the other hand, expanding your search radius to breeders who are out of state will mean. Firstly, you stand a higher chance of quickly finding the right breeder. Secondly, there are so many options to pick from so you decision is not restricted. That way you know when you finally makeup your mind. It would be the best possible option in the world lol. The main downside to this is you may not be able to visit all the breeders.

Let’s look at the things you should consider when choosing a Shih Tzu Breeder on your search for shih tzus for sale.

Health Guarantee

Make sure that the breeder gives you a health guarantee of at least one year or more. Be sure to get a health guarantee against congenital defects.

Health Records

Another thing you must take into consideration is, you receive the pup with the health records. It is important the pup is up to date on all required shots. Not only is this good for you but important for the puppy’s health too.

Refund Policy

You need to be able to get your money back if upon checkup at your local vet there are some health issues with the puppy. It must be clearly stated. What if upon checkup you realize the puppy has some complications. Is there any paperwork to secure your money. Will you just have to deal with it or there is a possibility for you to get a refund. With us for instance, we have a 100% money back guarantee. Also, if you find any complications with the puppy you are either eligible for a full refund or a replacement.


To conclude, whether you are looking for Cheap or expensive shih tzus for sale or free shih tzus. The decision is up to you. Just make sure you have enough valuable information to help you with your choice. Regarding local or out of state shih tzu breeders. It is usually better to extend your search radius. However, my advice to you will be to first try searching locally. If you do not find any good breeders then you can expand your search radius. Thank you for reading up until this point and i hope you find your shih tzu puppy.

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